Updated 2018 variation of The Supreme Tutorial to Streaming to Jerk with OBS Studio. In this online video we go through ways to establish OBS Studio’s server, bitrate, resolution and framerate settings to obtain you begun and streaming to Jerk Timestamps & Hyperlinks.

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⏩. Intro:00
⏩ 1. 3 factors this manual necessary upgrading:43
⏩ 2. Set up for House windows/Mac/Linux 1:51
⏩ 3. Format essentials 2:24
⏩ 4. Profiles and scene collections 3:43
⏩ 5. Auto-configuration wizard settings 5:00
⏩ 6. Scenes and sources 11:06
⏩ 7. Suggestions and pointers 12:45
⏩ 8. Outro 14:48

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Get OBS Studio –https://obsproject.com/
OBS Studio Sources Standard –https://youtu.be/J5ojeVYsLY4
Look after your Twitch Stream –https://youtu.be/M9xt3xLTY-A
Out-of-date 2017 Standard –https://youtu.be/BtZazqLgBjw
OBS Studio Streaming Playlist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTQlHTE5qfSgkfIlj4v7YU0xEgZu_CIvg

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Thomas Vx – Daze:https://youtu.be/cuev06W0B-g

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28 thoughts on “✅ OBS Studio – 2018 Ultimate Tutorial to Streaming to Jerk [BEST SETTINGS]”

  1. As a streamer and youtube creator who has been doing this for many years I find your channel amazing man! Even someone like myself who has a very good understanding of these broadcasting programs can learn something from you. Well done and I have been a subscriber for a few months now. Keep up the amazing work GC!

  2. Hey I want to say first very nice and informational video bro you have no clue how much help this was I’m a navy vet trying to figure out how this stream stuff works and I must have watched hundreds of videos on here trying to get a idea on how this stuff works and you have took a huge weight off my shoulders in 15 mins I’m definitely about to put this information to use‼️ your awesome 👏

  3. Gaming Careers i have a question, once you hit start stream will it also start the stream in twitch? I see it says start stream on OBS but also on twitch do i have to start stream on twitch or just obs and it will capture twitch at the same time?

  4. omg, tysm for the video man… you made it so simple that a beginner like me can understand easily. I was racking my brain as how to get all this started. Clicked on that subscribe button quick. Keep up the good work bud.

  5. Now Streamlabs obs is better you can look at your Streamlabs stuff while streaming more easily it runs with less cpu and gpu usage with better optimization, quality and stream speed.

  6. hello there once again i have commented once already about my issues with capturing my game an i am fallowing your video step by step an i am having the issue of starting my game while trying to runn obs.. plz help..

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