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Notification- Make certain to Extremely clear cache and cookies likewise allow Ice-forged and VLC through House windows Firewall software.

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27 thoughts on “✫ Ways To Start Free of charge Video Streaming With Icecast And VLC Tutorial ✫”

  1. trying to stream video+audio this way on local network – why it works so horrible? Why is it so slow ? The sound sometimes is on and mostly is off … and video lags ,,, ((( Ideas? Thx!

  2. The mp3 file will for some reason not play in VLC after going through the tutorial. It says streaming but does not allow me to press play. I basically can't play any songs and the mountpoint is not recognized on the Ice-cast admin page. Any idea why that is? I tried various types of files, but with the same problem.

  3. Thank for the video. This is very helpful. I want to ask. You type "source:hackme" as the login and pass in the VLC. Where is it come from? I cannot find it in configuration file (icecast.xml). Only the password "hackme". Where is the login "source" ? Thanks.

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