Thorough tutorial on ways to stream with 2 computer systems around Lan without a take card. Biggest stream established for streaming without any lag whilst playing! Open THE DESCRIPTION FOR Much More Info!!!

Download NGINX Server here:
Crossover Ethernet cable televisions:
USB3 – RJ45 adapters:

Background graphic:×1152/counter-strike-worldwide-offensive

Action 1: 3: 25 – Link the computer systems more than crossover-ethernet.
1. Link your router to your main Ethernet adapter on your video gaming Computer system.
2. Attach your streaming Computer system by means of a crossover Ethernet to your video gaming Computer.

Action 2: 3: 38 – Establish Ethernet adapters on video gaming Pc.
1. Go to Ethernet adapters by rick-clicking on your web connections Open Network and Sharing Centre Vital: YOU Should Sign up with A HOMEGROUP WITH YOUR Essential Online Relationship!! Then click “Modification Adapter Configurations”.
2. Share the link of your crucial Ethernet adapter by right-clicking on crucial adapter Houses Sharing Permit Sharing and define adapter which is linked to the stream Computer system.
3. Set an IP address for your secondary Ethernet adapter outside your home of the series of your main adapter, i.e. 192.1681371 by ideal-clicking on secondary adapter Houses Web protocoll design 4.
4. Developed Subnet mask (i.e. 255.255255) and DNS Server (i.e. 192.168.1). These should match the status from your crucial adapter!

Phase 3: 6: 00 – Test online connection on stream Computer system.
1. Get IP and DNS Server instantly.
2. Jot down IP handle of stream Pc.

Action 4: 7: 04 – Setup NGINX RTMP server on stream Pc.
1. Acquire and run NGINX server.

Stage 5: 7: 56 – Establish OBS on video gaming Laptop computer.
1. NVENC @ 25000-50000 kbps bitrate.
2. Tailor made streaming help.
3. FMS URL: rtmp://” IP_OF_STREAM_Personal computer system”/ live.
4. Stream essential:1080
5. NVENC Preset “Superior Performance Lower Latency”.

Move 6: 10: 24 – Usage Video Source Plugin to import stream to OBS on streaming Computer system:
1. Rightclick under resources in OBS.
2. Increase “Film Resource”.
3. Get in: rtmp://” IP_OF_STREAM_Pc”/ live/1080
( live is the NGINX application and 1080 the stream essential from the at first OBS session).
4. Click the moreover icon to consist of the stream address.

Action 7: 11: 08 – Establish OBS on stream Computer system.
1. x264 @ 3500 kbps (depending on your include rate).
2. Pre-programmed “veryfast” or higher (based upon your Pc).

My Pc Setup:.
First Pc i7-3770 k @ 4.5 GHz, 32 GB RAM, GTX-980(video gaming).
Second Computer AMD Phenom II X4 965 B.E. @ 3.8 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GTX-680(streaming).

Preliminary tutorial by the helping team:

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26 thoughts on “2 Computer System Streaming Establish – Lag Completely totally free Stream without having Take Card”

  1. im stuck at step5.
    i ran the ngnix exe in my streaming pc it works fine
    i did put in my gaming pc /stream/ costum / rtmp://streaming pc ip/live
    when i press start streaming it sayes error cannot connect to server…
    i have internet between two pc's
    ip oof streaming pc from what is my ip.
    any ideas?

  2. So I made my crossover cable, ping test showed both devices at 0 packet loss, can see shared files, but still no internet on stream machine. Sharing is enabled on the stream cards, and power saving options on the cards were turned off. Also for good measure I disabled firewall, but still no internet.

    This setup is preferred due to outlet partitioning.

  3. does anyone have this problem???
    when i streamed to my 2nd pc(laptop),the footage was the desktop then it was ok no choppy footage then i launched a game and i put a window capture on obs after that the footage on the 2nd pc was horrible af but the obs on the gaming pc was ok…how to fix?

  4. Gigabit cards (which you most likely have if you bought your pc after 2004) do crossover the signals automatically, although, a crossed cable is optimal, you shouldn't run into problems unless you have some 10-100mbit card, or some shitty noname card

  5. Dude, you killed this! Thank you so much <3 easy to do over excellent wifi but would highly recommend people follow the steps and do the connection.

  6. Hi great video I have just one question obs is running very high on my streaming pc and its a clean pc I only use it for streaming any help would be good thanks. keep up the great videos.

  7. What is recommended performance of the secondary PC's CPU? I have an older PC just collecting dust, with an older i5. Would that be enough to actually be useful for better quality when streaming?

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