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2 Computer system Streaming established with out a Capture Card( Windows) setups for live stream (Twitch).

Hi there I am LethalOne, and I wish to conserve you some funds on a 2 Laptop computer setup! This is an excellent method to livestream and I will communicate to you why in the video! 2 Pc Streaming lacking a Seize Card( House windows) settings is a tutorial on how-to stream to Twitch.Television set, Hit-box etcetera, utilizing a 2nd Laptop computer, lacking a capture card. VLC Gamer or an excess neighborhood card not preferred perhaps! You simply require OBS Studio and Nginx server. This is a fundamental established. The minute you get this down you can do extremely established matters like stream to extra than a single area at a time. Perhaps I will make an extra video on that topic. If this video helps you make sure to disappear a like. It helps me out and numerous thanks once again for going to my channel.

Fixed Ip address setup ► 1:01
Obs Studio setups for Computer game Pc ► 4:19
Nginx established ► 6:15
Obs Studio settings for Streaming Laptop computer ► 7:27

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21 thoughts on “2 Computer system Streaming established without the requirement of a Capture Card( Windows) setups for live stream (Twitch)”

  1. Х..ло еба..ое!!! У тебя в командной строке один ip адрес, а в настройках соединения другой. И ни слова, ни полслова, откуда он взялся.

  2. Hey, need some help here, for myself and another streamer both having the issue where, when streaming from Gaming to Streaming, the signal is received, but it's choppy/laggy and just basically turning a 30fps stream into potato stream, although the audio seems to hold up. I've followed your tutorial after watching speedbre4ker's one and followed them, I'm just not getting any luck here and it's driving me nuts.

    I know BOTH rigs are fully capable of streaming, because the stream rig used to be my main rig, Gaming Rig has an AMD FX8350 cpu, RX480 gpu, 32GB DDR3 @ 1833(iirc), Streaming Rig has FX8150, 7950 gpu, 16GB DDR3 @ 1833). The stream encoding rig is wired to my gaming rig using a patch cable and has a static IP as per instructions. The gaming rig is also wired to the internet (switch > jack > router). I'm not sure what/where I'm missing something at this point in time so any advice is appreciated.

    TL;DR: 2 stream capable rigs getting a choppy vid when sending from one to another. Send halp.

  3. hey bud love the vid… I have video on streaming pc from gaming pc.. I have no sound on streaming pc though.. I did what you said and made everything default.. I have a headset microphone for audio.. Do I need to add input/output audio on obs?? Need your help 😣

  4. Hey man, great guide bit confusing when switching from gaming to streaming, but i should have everything setup properly
    If you can take a look at this pic ive setup to show settings for both and see if you can spot something wrong
    If there is other info you need to maybe help identify the problem please let me know
    thank you

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