Uncomplicated 2 digicam setup for interviews and studios. Likewise will work for live streaming.

HOW TO STREAM LIVE:https://www.youtube.com/observe?v=msnTGeIvFDI

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Listed below I am using my Sony a7s & Canon 700 D/ Rebel t5i as an case in point. All in the type of a news broadcast ).

As I discuss in the online video, this multi-camera established is simply a single of many strategies to do it. If you desire, I can make a more extensive tutorial on how to stream live.

The graphic animations are from iMovie, and the audio is from iLife/ Garage Band. You like it? ).

There wound up some small problems, owing to the warp stabilizer – and the reality that I simply updated to OSX El Capitan, which for some intention developed Best badly slow and wacky to modify with. Hope this will be installed eventually!


48 thoughts on “2 Digicam Setup + Live Streaming”

  1. Great video guys!
    In a different video you mentioned live-streaming via OBS. I am a technical question regarding audio.
    If my main camera FS7 (wide) has an audio feed in (an XLR from a mixing desk, which is relaying x2 microphones from a panel discussion) how do I keep the main source of audio when cutting between camera angles? To elaborate, in OBS, can you set the main source of audio e.g FS7, and the cut between the camera angles without affecting the audio?

  2. Big hello from Croatia, can you help and show all setaups for this video. Wich softwer you use for stream, and all setup in it for this video, becouse you have and those intros you add in this video, title and so on. THANKS

  3. and if one would like to use more than two cameras would one just add an additional Blackmagic Mini Recorder for each camera added? Is there a cap in the number of sources one can have in OBS?

  4. I have a Sony A6000 which I like to use for short live-streaming. I already have the Mini Recorder from BM, however in what mode do I set the A6000 in order to act as a video camera? I have tried in the Movie mode to no avail. Could it be the A6000 doesn't have an HDMI out? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  5. Great video! short and to the point! I kept trying to figure out how to get a 3 camera setup with just mini-recorders into my Macbook Pro (only 2 Thunderbolt), but i think you pull off the 2 camera angle really well and will try that (until I can afford an ATEM studio lol)

  6. Hi, usually i organize a hangout on air, with about 8 people in the same room, same table. And i was wondering , whats is a best mic to capture all voices in a conversation betwwen then ? using just one mic !

  7. 1. Was the 700D/t5i hacked for it to be able to live stream?
    2. How long can it stream for?
    3. Does it cut off or get hot?

    I ask because I heard that live streaming with the canons are hard because they get hot and has a time limit of 15-30 mins and then cut off.


  8. Thank you so much for this info.
    I have a question on the Mics you use on the host. What kind of Mics are they? We are starting a online Youtube Show and we will have 5 Host, 3 Cameras… Any Suggestions? I would love your input!

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