With simply one Android box and an external or networked tuner, you can establish your private Own Film Recorder. I am using a Tronsmart Vega S89 Android box.
With an antenna installed and feeding my HDHomeRun run tuner I have a whole wait yourself DVR.


19 thoughts on “Absolutely totally free Live Tv streaming and recording with Andorid Television set box and tuner.”

  1. Dear Mr. Baily.I had to disconnect my subscription with our local cable TV company because  just retired on disability  and my income was reduced. I will like to know if you can recommend what I need to install to watch TV and record. I bought and IPTV and a ROKU box but don't know what to do with them.

  2. Mr.Baily thank you so much for letting us see your system.
    I was wondering if your box boots directly up into Openelec home screen as a version of Kodi.
    or…is it running an android vetsion of KODI with an Openelec mod im not aware of running parallel to a standatd KODI ROM.
    I love your PVR capabilities and was wondering if you think an android box running STB EMULATOR for its IPTV service can somehow incorporate itself as a feed for your PVR system…
    Any refrence material, ideas would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks for letting us see a fine setup sir.

  3. Are recorded programs stored on the android box ? How much capacity does it have ? Didn't know it had a hard drive

    My android box is connected to my TV – wanted to check if I can record programs streamed thru the android, but didn't know where they were stored.

  4. Great demo! I am looking for the exact setup with android TV to replace my windows media center DVR function. I have the hdhomerun prime and it works great with a kodi add-on for live TV. Do you have instructions to set up openelec on an android TV for tvheadend backend? Thanks for any tip!

  5. I have been looking for a setup like this.  Great video.  Are you using a usb tuner plugged into the usb port of the Android box, or a Homerun Tuner plugged into the router?  Also, did you ever try plugging in an external hard drive to this Android box to be able to record more shows? Thanks.

  6. Thanks for the excellent videos!!! Exactly which model of Android Box did you go with.  Your amazon link in the description isn't working.  It appears to be linking to a Tronsmart Vega S89-H Android TV Box Amlogic S802-H.  Is this the correct model?

  7. Did you install OpenELEC on the box?  Or did it come with it already on it?  I think OpenELEC is a Linux distro, isn't it?  Not an Android OS.  Also, what program are you using to grab the EPG data?  You mention a little free program that runs on Windows or possibly Linux.  What program is that?  Thanks for the demo.  This is exactly what I'm trying to get going too.

  8. Subscribed! Awesome setup you have there! Let us know how things go. I have a DTVPal DVR that I got on Christmas Eve 2008 that I hope will give me at least another year. I might try this setup if it ever dies. Thanks

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