21 thoughts on “Amazon S3 with PHP: Motion Picture Streaming with CloudFront (6/6)”

  1. wow very complex all i wanted is to integrated a media file to the cloudfront and embedded to a wordpress site to run faster … i lost you after 4:30 . i dont care it's will be public can you tell me what i should to in order to embed the media code to the site? or i need to take it from s3? thanks

  2. Great, but cloudfront is too inefficient when it comes to streaming, cause it charges based on request times, so it'll be a nightmare when frequent streaming heppends.

  3. What's the purpose of "Restrict Bucket Access" ? It says "If you want to require that users always access your Amazon S3 content using CloudFront URLs, not Amazon S3 URLs, click Yes", but Amazon S3 URLs seems to work (?) when Restrict Bucket Access is set to Yes. Do you please have an example of what should not work on Amazon S3 URLs when Restrict Bucket Access is set to Yes ? Thanks!

  4. My. Hero. <3 Excellent tutorial!
    If you're having trouble still – Make sure to delete your existing bucket policy first, I had screwed mine up messing around with it before I found this tutorial.

  5. Great Tutorial.

    I am having some video problem with large size HD tutorial video files (MP4 2GB each)
    I am using simple HTML5 Video player.

    Problem is: Fast Forward / Skip to middle of the video is not very responsive! and sometime doesn't even work nor respond.

    What do you suggest?

  6. Hey +phpacademy, recently I found something called websocketing in PHP. I wonder if you could do a video about it, since it seems really interesting to me, and I'm sure to a few others.

  7. Could you guys go through the process of generating new HTML pages from a template with different data on each page. Much like a news site would do via PHP. I'm running into all kinds of problems trying to do it myself with very little knowledge.

    Keep up the great work though!

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