These sturdy encoders give standardized, bandwidth-efficient encoding for SD and Hd sources alongside with person useful options like an audio stage meter that confirms a presenter’s voice is being captured. For extra, go to: http://little For a list of all of the AMX resolution movies debuting at ISE 2014, simply go to our ISE Playlists at: http://little And to look at our whole suite of choices focused on AV for an IT Total world, simply take a look at the AMX web site at: http://little


8 thoughts on “AMX H.264 Encoder Demonstration: These Encoders Simplify Video Streaming”

  1. Hi, I am getting the follow error in my encoder's event log – RECORD,25,C,Dual streaming: Record not allowed

    Any ideas what could be causing this? It seems to lock up the encoder and it has to be rebooted for it to work again. Firmware is updated, tried to reset to default settings, etc.

    Any insight would be grateful.

  2. In my two cents, if the encoder is set up per use, how can the user hock up the Encoder to the table panel with the AV & Power cables by themselves. Secondly, if the Encoder is permanently installed underneath the table, what is the point of those indicator on the device.

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