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This video explains Exactly what is Online video Streaming Application, how the Software application carries out,.
required library to construct this apps, Vital Xml files, styles, Style and design and Java code.

click the connection to see debugging of Android Video Streaming tutorial

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14 thoughts on “Android Film Streaming Software application tutorial: section1|”

  1. HOW I CAN PAUSE THE VIDEO AT THE TIME THAT I WANT ..with code java .without clicki….. i mean automatically with code ?????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Will you please make a video about ExoPlayer? People are supposed to use ExoPlayer now instead of VideoView and whatnot. And I cannot find video tutorials about ExoPlayer.

  3. Hola, nosotros instalamos camaras y quisiera crear una aplicacion en android para que mis clientes vean mis camaras, usted m puede desarrollar eso para nosotros?? espero su respuesta

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