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AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs are fairly insane. I’d have by no means thought this sort of efficiency was potential on non-HEDT CPUs only a few years in the past. They’re nice for video manufacturing, streaming, and extra, with the suitable tweaking. On this video I assessment the 3900x & 3700x and present you the streaming optimizations to get the very best stream expertise for you.

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I’m EposVox and welcome again to StreamGuides – your primary useful resource for optimizing your dwell streams and going dwell. On this video, I’ll be strolling you thru how the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs carry out for dwell streaming with OBS Studio, in addition to some optimizations for you to bear in mind.
For those who’re in search of this data on the Ryzen 5 3600 and 3600X CPUs carry out for streaming, take a look at my video right here: https://youtu.be/tYkVSMr3EAk

01:29 Methodology
04:23 3900X
08:17 3700X
10:41 GPU Allocation Points
13:49 Conclusion

► Wendell’s Ryzen 3000 Thermal Paste video at Level1Techs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYT9ud_llkI
AMD PBO Repair Article: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-ryzen-3000-boost-frequency-bios-fix,40308.html
► Secret Sauce/VoxConfig Clarification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ04pIcpMkM

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35 thoughts on “Are these the BEST CPUs for Streaming? Ryzen 3700X & 3900X Stream Optimization Information & Assessment”

  1. I elaborated more on the framerate capping subject in the 3600X video, but I'll copy-paste my reasoning here, as it helps explain the situation:
    You determine this by seeing what frame rate you can guarantee your game will run at. Apex was not holding a locked 120fps, which means it’s still using my full GPU trying to hit that target, but was always above 60, by a long shot, so I had to cap 60 to limit performance enough to make OBS usable. You could, of course, choose something weird and higher like 80 or 90, but that gets complicated.
    You can choose 80/90/etc. but that'd have to be fine-tuned to the game and specific person's PC so I can't really make blanket recommendations, and I like suggesting sticking with the standard multiples-of-60 formats anyway. but if 90FPS works and keeps the GPU allocation issues from happening, then go with that.

  2. Hello! I use the 3900x on a separate PC for a stream at 1080p 60fps 6000kbit XSplit Broadcaster veryfast &ex:partitions:all&ex:direct:auto&ex:aq-mode:2&ex:aq-strength:0.8&ex:ipratio:1.1&ex:rc_lookahead:120&ex:fast_pskip:0&ex:bframes:1&ex:b_pyramid:0&ex:b_adapt:2&ex:weightp:2&ex:deadzone-inter:4&ex:deadzone-intra:2&ex:qpstep:8&ex:subme:8&ex:me:umh&ex:deblock:-1:-1&ex:psy_rd:1.1:0.15&ex:trellis:2 what do you think about this?

  3. So do I can stream via the 3900x not the GPU, while listening music and chatting in discord? I play COD and, WoT. I play in 1440p on 144Hz monitor and want to stream 900p

  4. This is excellent information that I simply couldn't find anywhere else. There's no bloat here, just great info. Thanks so much for this! Completely sold on the 3900X. My only issue now is that both the 3900X and 9900K are $400 right now at my local Microcenter. Tough choices.

  5. what cpu do you recommend for a one pc setup. i have a rtx 2070 and like to play at 1440p but would stream at 1080p. what cpu should i get? whats the best bang for buck?

  6. +EposVox is this computer good for gaming and streaming on the same system and being able to output at least 1080p 60fps? I play most games on low and would just like to clarify before buying.

  7. So main question. As a pure dedicated stream PC. Would the 3700x work well at 1600×900 medium/slow? ( meaning dual PC set up )

    Never mind. The answer to that question literally came while in the video while I was typing it lol

  8. Love the content bro. I'm actually planning to upgrade from my 1700 to a 3900x but I'm still using my Asus strix b350 f gaming Mobo to save some money, would you have experience with the bios update and it running smoothly? I've read some forums and watch a few videos on the subject matter and the motherboard is supported on Asus' website but just wanted to ask for your thoughts on it. Thank you in advance. Btw I subbed, great content.

  9. I really hope you can see this or maybe Ill join your discord and ask because I'm in serious need of assistance. To begin, Im on a 7700k, 1080ti, 16GB DDR4-3200. I've recently upgraded from a 32in 144hz 1440p monitor to a 34in 144hz 1440p ultrawide (I am now using both as a dual setup) and I'm having some adjustment issues when gaming and streaming on the same system. (I also use a webcam set to 720p).

    For one, I'm still confused as to whether I should keep my base canvas at my monitor's resolution (3440×1440) or lower it to 2560×1080, or the 720 equivalent. I want to output at 720, and I don't record at the same time. That being said, my first time streaming was a nightmare with plenty of lagged frames, using x264 at "faster."

    To the point: what should my base/output res be, and how slow can I set my x264 encoder? Alternatively, should I just switch to NVENC altogether? Lastly, would it be worth it to upgrade from my 7700k to a 3700x for the sole purpose of improving stream performance? Thank you very much for the help and your videos!

  10. EposVox what settings did you use for the Warframe Archwing part? I have a 3900x too and a Live Gamer 4k but even with 1:1 your Secret Sauce settings my Warframe stream looks extremly bad on 720p60 with ~7000 bitratio. After several days of research im close to giving up, maybe you have a recommendation :(. Other streamers achieve a near perfect visual quality with even 6000 bitratio and preset veryfast :(.

  11. I have an intel i5-7600k and streamed fine for ages then one day my CPU usage seemed to sky rocket, so I was looking for a new CPU and I saw the 3700x, however, I was worried that it would have the same capabilities, would you recommend the upgrade?

  12. How were the micro stutters on the 39/3700x CPU's in a game WHILE streaming that game(on the same CPU)??? Any?? is there a way for you to measure for micro stutter and include it in video(s) ??? I noticed with first generation ryzen (1700x) I would have microstutters 1080p fast while streaming and gaming in a solo pc setup. I ended up purchasing another 1700x rig and did a 2 pc setup… But still the 1700x even overclocked with AIO watercooler good ram etc, running a 922x webcam and a few other open windows/programs 1700x would only stream 1080p60 at fast/mayyybe medium pending on game.
    What I've really been hunting for is THE ONE processor. THE ONE processor will be the first processor to stream any game at 1080p60 slow, while competitively gaming at 1080p 240hz/fps with NO microstutter… that CPU will be pinnacle to gamings next step. I'm reeeeaaallly hoping it is the 3950x.

  13. Wait I’m confused, why is 720p60 worse then 1080p60 ? Everyone always recommends to do 720p60 instead of 1080p? Also asking this because my stream at 720p60 has been freezing and having insane drops and im streaming console gameplay.

  14. I did some testing with a dual CPU server at the office because the boss and myself and we discovered that twitch doesn't actually have a cap to bitrate or quality anymore mannaging to live stream at 40-60mbps and download the stream with it keeping the same bitrate so that was an interesting thing to find out.

  15. Nice video. I would like to see games which perfome not so good or need more power like "Watch Dogs 2", "Ghost Recon" "GTA V" or the new "The Outer World" where my n 2700x has fps drops and I have to put my power limit back to 100% on a RTX2080.

  16. hi, im running a 3700x with 5700xt and cant make my stream work like yours. even when streaming with ps4/elgato, my stream just stutters at 1080p60 on low. this is what it looks like https://www.twitch.tv/videos/501534012…. its very clear but its like 1 frame per second. it only works at 720p or at medium in which i dont like the quality anymore. Im not an actual streamer, i just want my pc to work at its best. can anyone please tell me what im missing?

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