5 thoughts on “AWS Webcast – On Demand from prospects On-line video Streaming making use of Amazon CloudFront”

  1. These are the WORST tutorial videos there are. You would think AWS would do this better. Terrible audio. You can barely understand the talking, unprofessional video and audio. Completely low quality and totally useless video. Don't waste your time on these stupid poorly made videos.

  2. i think since wordpress is D biggest platform today and you don't have short intuitive guides to embed link or stream to wordpress site seems not so smart but big scale organization seems to be slow and hire people with nero thinking…

  3. I know this video is several months old but again, what is totallyskipped it the part about crossdomain.xml and accesspolicy. right now I cannot stream files from aplaylist because I get crossdomain access error messages, which is strange since I did everything exactly like in this video

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