Conflict Robots Gameplay of the Best 1on1 Gladiator – RAYKER with Ember and Halo at Mk2 – So significantly superior than I envisioned.

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47 thoughts on “Best 1on1 Gladiator – RAYKER Mk2 Ember Halo Conflict Robots Gameplay WR”

  1. I have a lotta fun playing my rayker with a flux and 2 sparks. What's range again? I got increased speed with pilot also. It doesnt really do super well but its really fun to play.

  2. I was wandering about Rayker. It's a cool looking bot but I've never seen anyone use him well. I wish it had at least a minor jump/leap ability for agility. It would be cool if one of the spider bots could scale walls.

  3. So that's what happened that day i didn't saw your name before cuz you got me mad but at least i got to be in your video also why upload it now when that was like a month ago?

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