Now I clearly present the Highest OBS Streaming Settings 2020 model! These are the perfect OBS choices for Streaming Fortnite, VALORANT, and different video games in 2020! A whole lot of people are at dwelling and wish to begin off streaming, so I required to point out these “OBS Streaming Settings” as virtually Every particular person gamer I’ve met has required to begin streaming or making data with all of the completely free time they’ve.

All streaming platforms have seen an enhance in viewership just lately! Because of the reality of that, I wish to exhibit my “perfect obs configurations for streaming” gameplay on the internet to web sites like Twitch and YouTube in case you wish to final however not least get began off. In the course of the video, you possibly can hope to see a number of numerous variations and tweaks you can also make to OBS which ought to help any gamer have a additional fulfilling streaming working expertise!

To allow you with “obs choices” for every kind of PCs, I manufactured completely positive to show the perfect obs streaming settings or the 2 the well-known Nvidia NVENC encoder, but in addition the Laptop software program x264 encoder in circumstance a few of you might be on AMD or making use of simply your processor for encoding!

Individuals usually discuss to me, what bitrate ought to actually I exploit for streaming, so that is my breakdown of the best way to uncover the best bitrate for OBS (based in your add velocity):
Add Pace Three MBPS: 2,500 Bitrate
Add Pace four MBPS: 3,500 Bitrate
Add Velocity 6 MBPS: 5,000 Bitrate
Add Tempo 8+ MBPS: 6,000 Bitrate

I additionally manufactured a film on the Splendid OBS Recording Settings in 2020 a handful of months again so undoubtedly look at that out, linked under. These are the best obs settings for streaming in order that does recommend you’ll have to have a glorious Laptop computer and superior add speeds. Benefit from!

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OBS Recording Settings 2020:

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  2. Guys, if you are not able to see the Game settings, install windows media feature pack from here: navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps and Features > Optional Features > Add a Feature and find the Media Feature Pack in the list of available Optional Features. Note, you will not be prompted to restart your computer, but you must restart in order to successfully complete installation of the Media Feature Pack.

  3. I have a question about the SpeedTest, i have a pretty shitty pc now and my download is 98.51mbps but i am going to upgrade to a monster pc will that increase then?
    and 1 more thing will my upload speed increase aswell or do i need a other provider i have seen people with 100+ upload speed and i have 30 but how can i increase both of those (stream purposes)

  4. Hey bro its NoYoungCricket and I’m a new streamer and content creator. I have been working on expanding my knowledge from video editing to operating systems but I could use some advice from an experienced professional. How do I go about growing my viewers/followers/subscribers? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks boss!!

  5. Hello, why my Stream looks Pixelated. I am using 720p 30fps and 4,500 Bitrate my pc parts is: Cpu: i78700k GTX 1080 and 16gb ram 3200 mhz and 13 upload speed internet. Only one pc for gaming and stream

  6. Hey Muaaz I just had a doubt. At 5:11 you recommended us to use "very fast or faster" but later at 7:20 you recommend to use "very fast, faster, fast or medium". It just confused me how you said at the beginning to not go under "faster" but then you mentioned "fast & medium". So does it really impact the pc a lot or does the change in cpu usage not matter much with obs while streaming?

  7. 4:45 I got a little bit confused there, you said to choose "performance" if I have anything below GTX 1060 and then you say that "quality" should work fine for anyone that has 1070. I have 1060, should I choose performance or quality?

  8. gtx1060 8gbram i5 . 2.5k bitrate , nvenc , 30fps , streaming on 720p . I still feels the crazy in game frame drop . My map doesnt even load . Shd i change to 3.5k bitrate , nvenc , 60fps , 1920×1080? Cause i tryna minimize the frame drop , so if i make it higher isnt it will be more frame drops? . My in game setting is all low as well .

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