On this on-line video, we evaluation the best Oculus Go purposes to stream and think about your particular person movies in VR without spending a dime.

Simply one in every of my favored elements to do is view my very personal movies on the Oculus Go.

In its place of paying time buying content material to get pleasure from, you possibly can accessibility video clips you beforehand have with out the necessity of getting up storage space.

Most streaming apps have fairly an identical options, some have higher gamers, and a few have improved effectivity.

On this on-line video, I share my most beloved streaming purposes on the Oculus Go.

Are there every other streaming purposes you want? Let me know within the evaluations!

Suggested OCULUS GO STREAMING Functions
For these apps, you will want to need to down load a impartial system that runs in your laptop that streams your data:

01:03 Moon VR Participant
Oculus Maintain: http://ocul.us/2MvnKgI
Down load: http://little bit.ly/2MrWEH8

01:14 Plex VR
Oculus Retailer: http://ocul.us/2MsQdno
Acquire: http://little bit.ly/2MrPnHf

03:35 Skybox VR Participant (Most well-liked Resolve on)
Oculus Retail retailer: http://ocul.us/2Mt5XXw
Obtain: http://bit.ly/2Mx9VOM

04:42 Dropbox in Oculus Gallery
Oculus Allow Coronary heart: http://ocul.us/2MsNR83
Obtain: http://dropbox.com

Transfer 1. Acquire the applying on Oculus Store
Stage 2. Obtain the software program package deal in your Laptop
Part 3. Choose media you wish to stream in your Private laptop
Motion 4. Open up Oculus Go utility on the very same Wifi community

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15 thoughts on “Best Oculus Go Streaming Functions: Find out how to Take pleasure in Your Particular person Motion pictures for Freed from cost [2018]”

  1. Hi guys – there's been a lot going on so sorry for the pause in uploading!

    I got an Oculus Rift and been testing live stream so make sure to follow the channel to catch me live starting next week. 😁

  2. why do you edit your videos like some kind of lame cliche stereotypical tech video? everyone just copies each other… the intro title sequence is so fucking annoying… nobody cares about that and it's not cool… and the sappy music… so distracting… just explain your shit and get to the point… don't kids these days understand less is more instead of just copying each other what they think is "cool editing" but really lame as hell

  3. Hello Dre. Good work with your videos, I love them. There is something I would like to ask you:
    I've got my mum an Oculus go and I would like to cast from my Samsung gear 360 (2017) to an app where she could be watching realtime what I am casting. It would be great if on top of that we could talk. Is there any app that allows to do that?
    Many thanks!

  4. I would like Dropbox to update the viewing files app. Should be more than one way to view files. Carousel is the only option, how about landscape as the other option especially if you have large files.

  5. So if I have movies on my laptop, I can watch them on this oculus go thing? Does it has to stream or can I physically put it on the oculus go? Do I need to have my laptop and odious go logged into Wi-Fi at the same time?

  6. Great choices, thanks for this informative video. I use Plex but not in the way others do. I don't open the Plex app on the Oculus Go, but I do open it on my desktop and it then connects to the Net, whereupon I update the Film Folder on my Plex page, to find any new movies I've ripped into there. Next, I use Pigasus and choose the last folder it shows at startup – called DCIM (I think). It does … nothing (or so it appears at first). Nothing appears but wait about 15 – 30 mins and Plex server suddenly appears as a choice (no idea why it takes so long to appear and others might not experience this delay). I click this and navigate to my film folder – as Plex is now connecting to my laptop and will stream any movie I choose. With movie chosen, it starts the Pigasus cinema. I'm a stickler for image quality and colour temp / saturation etc and I have tried several apps (including the v. good Skybox). Pigasus, in my opinion, captures the movie-like blacks and colours and the image quality, when casting a movie ripped as an MKV file, is brilliant. The screen is just the right size to make you feel you're at the movies. Though I will definitely try the Dropbox option.

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