Blackmagic have actually released a variety of brand-new services, targeted at small live production established-ups and specifically at on the internet material creators/live-streamers.

Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Mini: and style-hyperdeck-studio-mini

Blackmagic ATEM tv Studio Hd: isles/blackmagic-design and style-atem-television-studio-high definition

Blackmagic Site Speaker: kingdom/blackmagic-style and design-web-presenter

Invite to Approximately Rate, our details display screen, covering the news you have to understand in quick really basic portions.

This video was shot making use of:.
Principal Digital electronic camera – Canon C300 mk2.
Lens – Sigma 18-35 mm f1.8. isles/sigma-18-35mm-f-1-8-dc-hsm-artwork-lens-canon-fit
Audio – Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set. kingdom-electronic-wireless-microphone
Screen/ Recorder – Atomos Shogun Flame. kingdom/atomos-shogun-flame-broadcast-recorder-keep an eye on
Teleprompter – Datavideo TP-300 kingdom/tp-300-teleprompter-kit-for-apple-ipad-and-android-tablets
Important Light-weight – Lishaui Edge1380
Fill Gentle – Lishaui Edge300 isles/lishuai-c-300rs-10-inch-spherical-smooth-bi-colour-led-gentle
Back Moderate – Lishaui Edge518

Web website: isles/


14 thoughts on “Blackmagic Live Streaming Item – Approximately Speed”

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  2. Hi, maybe you can help me (btw thanks for this video) I want to record h.264 or h265 files to my workflow after hyperdeck. Do you know if there is other way to do it instead of use the H264 pro recorder??? Reason: With Hyperdeck I record huge files 4:2:2 aple pro res that I need to move into a storage array or server , but I need as well in the same time, smaller files. I really apreciate your advice!

  3. Hello, isn't possible to have a clean livestream just with mini USB on DSLRs to USB 3.0 on the PC ?

    We have a nikon d7000 and a canon 70D, we tried it but the live seems to be still laggy.

    Blackmagic is a must have or just a plus ?

  4. So last year when BMD released the 6.9 update for the software, they announced replay capability for the hyperdeck. Is this true or not? nobody ever talks about it or shows it in action.

  5. Thanks for the video. I have a hardware question. I currently Live Stream in the way that the Web Presenter works, & from your video, it looks like I could benefit from off-loading some of the tasks to the Web Presenter rather than letting the computer do everything. Back to my question: Increasingly, my clients are asking for "professional level" Instagram and Snapchat Live Streams. My understanding (or the lack of it) of Instagram Live Stream is that it is strictly a smartphone based platform, and I know of no way to get the video from a switcher into smartphone. And if there is, how I would go from landscape format to the portrait format used by the smartphone camera / Instagram app??? I am curious if you have any insights as to how I could use an AV mixer and connect it to an iPhone and then broadcast to Instagram Live??

    Rick Allen, St Paul, MN USA

  6. can it do 1080p or is it just set to 720p and only that (im aware of the limited uses but i like future proofing rather than buying the latest version)

  7. Hi!

    is it possible to connect more than one SDI camera to the web presenter for a live facebook stream? We have two Blackmagic URSA Mini and we are doing a livestream for a company, directly to Facebook. So how does that happen with two cameras?

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