I you need to not observe considerably Television set however it looked like anytime I attempted utilizing seeing it on this box anything failed. It froze, lagged, repeating the previous 10 seconds for no reasoning, or not successful at catch-up. The GUI is the only exceptional aspect about this box. It is really visually pleasing. Arranged recordings did appear to be to work the majority of the time with my light seeing habits however I still would not believe this box due to the truth it handled to ruin 3 out of the 7 exhibitions I set up to tape through the thirty day duration I experienced it. Package has a great deal of pledge however it is simply not there however as a product.


12 thoughts on “BuzzTV XPL3000 Introduction Android 6. IPTV Set-Best Streaming Box STB”

  1. I was just in contact with buzztv.com if your having issues with the play back and freezing, this is what you have to do. It worked great for me, and so far no issues. Go to live tv press menu, configure and switch the player to beta. Thats it. The streaming is fine now no glitches. Hope that helps….

  2. Brother,
    I have mag box and hate it that is not support VOD. So I like this box and I just want to make sure arabic, osn, bein channels are included or not?

    Your replay is highly appreciated


  3. Have had my buzz since November 2017. Yes it has its issues but it's a great box. There's a nougat update coming very soon as new buzz shipments have nougat installed. Buzz confirmed the update will be "very very soon" when I contacted them. I find terrarium works good since the recent update. I also dont have the freezing/jumping hitting pause then play. It does freeze if you select a different virtual button like rewind. A couple tips I find helps the buzz run smoothly. 1. Reset every so often instead of just standby. 2. Don't set the auto shut off to never….unless you're scheduling a future recording. 3. Use the sweeper tool to clear the memory. I do it every day as it takes 2 seconds. 4. Close the buzztv app before using terrarium instead of hitting the home button. Do this by pressing menu then select exit. 5. Try a different player instead of the default player. This can be found by pressing the menu button. There's 3 players. Hope that helps someone.

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