The Canon LEGRIA HF R48 and Canon LEGRIA HF R46 camcorders, allow you value live streaming film to your tablet or smart device wirelessly by utilizing the complimentary of charge to download CameraAccess application.

You can likewise see your camcorders contents, clip by clip, using your gadget’s web internet browser without having the requirement of a software application. Wi-Fi sharing made fundamental.

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8 thoughts on “Canon LEGRIA Wi-Fi camcorders – Live Streaming & Remote Video Searching – Canon”

  1. Arrgh it's not working!! :@ I have a legria mini, powershot n2 and an android. It would be nice to get a information from the very first step to the end not just tab somewhere when we wont see the setting you did before :@

  2. This is really stupid. Give us a device neutral way to remotely stream and save video to a device. I don't want to install Canon sh** software.

  3. Can this be used as an android or windows external webcam for live streaming ? Want to stream to youtube with my RTMP encoder app, and want high quality zoom camcorder or dslr as a webcam without additional video capture card due to portability!

  4. So instead of sorting out the fact this does not work with Android 4.3/4.4 you just delete my comment mentioning this? Are you even bothering to get your partner Pixela to update the app or will you just delete this comment too due to embarrassment/incompetency?

  5. Why are you advertising this product? The software no longer works with Android 4.3 as someone else already stated! It is shocking that a company the size of Canon cannot make a simple application – you will lose so many customers (I am one of them). If anyone wants to know this application when it worked wasn't as good as the JVC or Panasonic implementation.

    However – now it doesn't even work, i'd have to buy a phone from around 2 years ago to use this feature…. very disappointing Canon.

    I really regret buying this i'll go with JVC or Panasonic in the future

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