36 thoughts on “Check out the 4K, live-streaming DJI Phantom Three drone”

  1. I still prefer my DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus (v3). The gimbal and camera on mine is just good and clear picture. I don't need the new ground sonar added. And I am a good pilot either indoor and outdoor. For an indoor, I use my Parrot Bebop with 15 minutes modified battery.

  2. DJI is exstreamly quick to come With New modell. I bouth Phantom 2 Vision+ Desember 14 and that time the last awsome modell. Some week later them uppgrade Vision+ With Lippo battery in sender, trainer or simulator so you can learn to fly without Gps and better motor. Now Its Phantom 3 and Its look awsome. Its many New Things here . Use Sony in camera, sender is same like on Inspire 1 With up to 2 kilometer driving. The New sender is a big uppdate from my Phantom 2 Vision+. You can fly inside now like Inspire 1. Film In 4k if you want. Phantom 3 use Gps/Glonass. Its many New Things. Its 4 cell Lipo on Phantom 3. I use my Phantom 2 Vision+ and I make film and Picture With that. Fantastic thing to use when photo/film is a great hobby! DJI makes the best drones on the marked.

  3. my dad owned the version 2 and right now it is sitting at he bottom of a lake, we axcedentaly (good spelling)flew it out of range and then when it then got back into range, it then said on my phone"returning home," ironicly it then made itself not receive our control and overrided (more good spelling) and said landing, we looked everywhere until we saw it an hour later about a quarter mile where it took off an hour later, we tried the remote again but no dice,we then went to the camera and it said "landing". we then watched it land, into the water. i still have the controller and realized that i should have read the GPS part of the instructions

  4. I'm a DJI fanboy but with all the fly away's and minor upgrades and DJI over hyping  a feature upgrade and calling it DJI Phantom 2 "Plus", "Vision", "Vision Plus" or "Vision Plus V2" and now DJI Phantom "3" makes we want to wait 6 months and watch earlier adopters experience the DJI moment. I've had mine with the DJI Phantom v1. I can't wait to youtube video's.

  5. I just checked out the spec's, its the same size, the only thing they done was added the 4k camera and lowered the flight time by "2 minutes". So instead of getting a 15 – 17 minute flight you get a 13 – 15 minutes flight. It also has a sonar ground sensor so you can fly indoors and it states i can fly max distance of 2000 meters not sure if this is fpv or line of site. I'm not a big indoors flyer. It would of been great if it had the collision avoidance feature or a up to 35 minute flight time. But I'm not to impressed actually I'm pretty disappointed with the reduction in flight time. Way to go DJI!!! But granted its a significant improvement over my phantom v1.  I can't wait to see real flights and reviews.

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