Prepare! Municipal Government 12 is simply on the horizon! Observe the brand-new Electro Dragon and Siege Devices defend triumph in our 5v5 Clan War distinct livestream.

Have a look at totally brand-new attack and defense techniques never ever seen prior to! Do not lose out on out on this astounding minute in Clash of Clans heritage.

Become part of us as these honored YouTubers display the brand-new Town Passage 12 product!

Group Blue Dragons:.
LadyB:https://www.twitch.television set/ladyb_clash

Group Crimson Balloons:.

Your hosts:.
Woody:https://www.twitch.television set/woody

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27 thoughts on “CoC – City Center 12 UPDATE Livestream”

  1. Great job on the live stream! Love your channel! If you have SuperCell's ear… How about an option for making the Siege Machine the default on offense? I get excited when I find a rich base, but I forget to flip the icon to Siege Machine, and end up stuck with my regular CC. Ruins my "Trojan Valks" attacks! LOL!

  2. We want new video,other YouTubers just aren't you.WE WANT KLAUS hype!!!♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕♕🍀4 lief clover hahaha as he said in live.

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