In the event you’re in search of to make a dwell streaming video clip apps for Android, this tutorial will get you began. See how Wowza GoCoder SDK and Wowza Streaming Cloud can get you coding in the fitting route. This film reveals you how you can use our pattern code to supply an app on Android for each broadcast and playback of dwell streaming video clip. For much extra particulars be sure you try out.


3 thoughts on “Creating the GoCoder SDK Pattern App for Android utilizing Wowza Streaming Cloud”

  1. Hello!
    I made the same steps as you but when I press on the play button the following error occure: "The connection attempt was refused by the remote destination or the destination could not be reached. Dismiss".
    I'm from Romania, and I chose Germany as "server location" (I hope i'm not wrong).
    I tried this both in the debug mode (so far didn't found the problem) and normally run (from android studio and directly from phone, in the app).
    Could you help me with some advice, please?
    Thank you!

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