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26 thoughts on “DBZ Final Stand Stay Stream (+Robux Giveaways)”

  1. name: harrylarry545 (don’t ask i made it a long time ago). your videos always have the best explanations and always help me when i’m thinking of what to do next in final stand. i need robux for the hit game pass.

  2. Name: MATTMATT23233
    I remember when i was new i saw your videos for informations and what did i saw? You! Soo power so fast 👌👌👏👏
    And can y give me robux i want to buy slot gamepass pls

  3. My user for rblx is pokedude78901 pls carry me in broly im noob and need help pls i love ur vids and neec help lots thx
    Note:this would make my day cuz of covid 19 so no freinds or anything and for many years i have wanted to play with my fav youtuber and thats u

  4. name: xXxmlgjoris420xXx I really want to win cause im trying to change my name cause my brother n his friend made my account in 2013. Cuz I didnt know how to make a account so they made it for me and I dont have 1k robux so yeah less than 1k robux is fine

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