I have a little Summer season Cold likely, however streaming in any case! Performing some live neighborhood computer game nowadays on the United States West server in Dungeon Protectors II! Handling 1 of Each and every Mayhem tier!

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https://www.playstation.com/en-us/game titles/dungeon-defenders-ii-ps4/

All Music made use of from:http://epidemicsound.com

A special thank you heads out to Kerry, Cytek, Brandy, Averon, Cerebralx, David Stang, Pandynator, xXDragonForceXx, Douglas, Zoltan, Brandon, John, Hugh, Vince, Paul V, Zoltek, Cookie, Stradivarix, and Devin for remaining Client advocates of my channel!


3 thoughts on “DD2 Live Public Video game titles! 1 of Almost every Tier! United States West Server!”

  1. I played over 6h just C1 to get Destruction Shard's i got nothing… i have 6 so i need 4 i buyed 5x 500 Medals Shard Pack and played yesterday too.. Do you think the Drop rate is good or to much?

  2. Hi @MrJuicebags, i was wondering what is the best hero power bow, im curently using the protean bow with 4/s burst shot 3 and x4, but im thinking that a 4/s penta bow is better? would like to heasr your opinion on it 🙂

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