The Wowza GoCoder ™ SDK streamlines development of streaming programs by providing a cross-platform API for Android and iOS. Capture, encode, and stream live video and audio at as much as 4K video resolution.

In this session we will cover the pursuing:.

– New abilities of the GoCoder SDK.
– How the Wowza GoCoder SDK allows live mobile streaming by methods of combinations with Wowza Streaming Engine ™ and Wowza Streaming Cloud ™.
– Setting up the SDK and incorporating it into your cell application.
– Popular GoCoder SDK-relevant jobs, subjects, and illustrations.

For far more details on the GoCoder SDK check out:


7 thoughts on “Develop Cellular Live-Streaming Applications with the Wowza GoCoder SDK”

  1. I want my programmers to build a live streaming app with the features i came up with that don't currently exist on any live streaming app. This app would work on iOS/Android platforms, we're starting with Android.

    Using the Wowza GoCoder SDK and Wowza Streaming Engine, can my programmers create what I want them to create? Add features that don't exist today while using all the Wowza live streaming capabilities or are we limited to what features Wowza SDK offers for live streaming on iOS/Android?

  2. I have 2 questions ?

    1.What cheap video camera or camcorder and other requirements do you recommend me i want to live stream a wedding party but using wowza engine to an ANDROID app?
    2. I dont know where my problem is , am using Go wowza Android App but when i press the Red button to start streaming the App says the username and Password is wrong but when I've entered the true credentials in the source name and source password, the Error says (An authentication error occured. Check your username and password settings and try again)

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