30 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 3 – YouTube Live Streaming Ways To Permit”

  1. The live streaming functions brilliant on my P3A, no need to disable the Hardware Decode.
    This is my configuration:
    DJI Go v3.1.1 Aircraft v1.8.80 RC v1.8.0 iPad mini 2 IOS v9.3.5

  2. nice vid man thanks, i got a question, when using live stream does it affect the drones battery, or the controls battery or maybe the device (cellphone, ipad,etc) you are using?? i ask cause i use a phantom 3 advanced and the battery doesn't last too long while on flight

  3. How to do this on Phantom 3 Standard and 4K? Because the phone have to connect wifi to the remote, and it means you lose data connection even if you have 3g/4g connection in the area. I'm looking for the solution in DJI and through XDA developer and see if we can use both wifi and 3g/4g radio connection at the same time for different apps (wifi for drone and 3g/4g for uploading the video)

  4. AYUDA, HELP! en la pantalla donde se viasualiza la cámara, aparece "live streamig" pero se queda en 00:00 (no avanza el tiempo de la transmisión y tampoco se en youtube… Quien me ayuda a resolver ese problema.

  5. I don't understand how live streaming is possible. You need to be connected to the internet (with wifi) to get the images to youtube, yet at the same time you need to be connected to the drone's wifi. How is this possible?

  6. how do you get the pilot app showing on screen ? screen recorder app ? is it for ios ? ive got iPhone 6s/ ipad mini 2 wifi/cellular running 9.1 thanks

  7. Hello I just watched your llive streaming video I have the Phantom three and I'm having a hard time just taking my video that I just took and just send it to YouTube without editing it in the little pieces can you help me with how I could just take it from the original video right YouTube thanks Joe

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