30 thoughts on “Douchebag Hacks on Planetside2 Mattherson Server Although Live Streaming on Twitch”

  1. First of all its a fact that you cant fly with that speed. Really? 636 mph? Its like 1023 kph (a scythe with afterburner get up to round about 300 kph).
    After that he constantly stops in the middle of the air and shoot. Why the hell isnt he slowly go down to the ground? Even with the fact that you can equip something to stay in the air, you will always start to go down a little bit.
    I cant figure out why some ppl have to cheat.
    For me its a challenge to learn the mechanics of a game and become good at it. A cheater can do anything, but he isnt good.
    There is no fun to use cheats. If you cheat where is your personal challenge? Fuck up all the other players?
    Git good fuckin retard or get back in your hole under the bridge…

  2. thank you for posting the video, i'm starting to have my doubts about some ellite pilots on miller. and now i see that this shit is possible. At least those guys are good at hiding it but their aim is way way way to good . I'm not a very good pilot, but i went against some very good and i know that some ppl are just good. Yet there are some people that have unrealistic good aim. This explains alot. I guess there is no way for the game to detect them.

    Ty for the video. And also thx to the guy on twitch that showed us how it is done.

  3. You know what's fun.  Go to the Planetside 2 forum and create a post about hacking going on in Planetside 2 and watch the comments roll in that defend these types of ass hats! Usually the typical "there is not now, nor has there ever been hacking in planetside 2" defenders.  I realize this video is old and that particular hack is probably no longer available…..but there are others…and more subtle and customizable one's to boot.  Whatever reason these Richard's have for using hacks, there's only one conclusion to be drawn.  They are all people who have inferiority complexes.  Either trolling to get comments and attention or to make themselves feel MLG. Sad really. I actually feel sorry for them.  Until I encounter one in game.

  4. Fuck Hackers and Fuck the VS!


    After watching for 5mins, i want to know. How was it fun for him to just run around raping everyone? I just dont get it…

  5. This guy must have some serious issues if he feels the need to ruin it for all honest players.
    These are the type people who go crazy in real life and go a mass murder spree.

  6. dicks ruining the game, I don't even know how they can have fun like this, its like kicking a person thats laying unconscious on the ground…wtf is wrong with these cheaters.

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