Perceive the right way to quickly established up severe time streaming details feeds and report on them making use of Potential BI.

Potential Shell Script from on-line video

Operate CountForward
    Write-Host “Rely forward from:” $startDate.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”)    
    Write-Host “Rely ahead proper till:” $endDate.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”)
    Write-Host “Rely every” $daysToSkip “working day(s)”

    whereas ($startDate -le $endDate)
        Write-Host $startDate.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”)

#$DateTimeStamp = “2017-10-01T01:01:” + $i + “.000”
$DateTimeStamp = $startDate.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd”)

$endpoint = “Set YOUR Information Established URL FROM Vitality BI Right here”

$payload = @
“ID” =$i
“DateTimeStamp” = $DateTimeStamp
“Profit” =$i*1.7

Invoke-RestMethod -Approach Write-up -Uri “$endpoint” -System (ConvertTo-Json @($payload))

        $startDate = $startDate.AddDays($daysToSkip)

CountForward -startDate (get-Date).AddDays(-5) -daysToSkip 1 -endDate (get-Date).AddDays(100)


19 thoughts on “Dwell Streaming Data and Vitality BI”

  1. Hi,

    You have smartly given demo for simple streaming Dataset but in Real-life scenarios are totally different. Live at a same point of time we need to connect with multiple Tables or Multiple Database. Suppose if you can multiple Streaming dataset how you can join them a produce report. For Example if you have company table and product table in Mysql and transaction table for orders in Mongo db table how you can product live report?

  2. Hi, I hope you will help me that I am creating streaming dataset using power bi REST API and pushing data into power bi from SQL database using powershell then it will work, but i pushing data often as same data into power bi on that time data is added instead of refreshed,.. for example employee table, Employee "John" salary is $1000, i pushed data 4 times power bi displayed the "John" salary is $4000 it's not refreshed, it's added why ? Please help me

  3. Is it possible to do this with a MS Access file? so my source data is an access file and I want to have it live stream in my PBI dashboard, is it possible to refer to the queries in access in power shell? thanks !

  4. awesome video, can we get live update in dashboard using azure sql database ? if yes how ? i have already tried direct query but it take 15min intervals to update.

  5. Hello,
    The video was very helpful. I have a database in which the data is automatically refreshing. How can I create a real time dashboard for that database? Please advice.

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