Ballistic Audio is live streaming the best Electro Swing Radio 24/ 7, we have Peggy Suave, Jamie Berry, Caravan Palace and a lot more! We hope you enjoy our Electro Swing Radio 2018 together with the Dance and Video Gaming Electro Swing!

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Experience PB: ₤27
Tails_VR: ₤10
Cerber-OS: ₤10
Brullix3000: ₤10
Zattox: ₤ 9.32
Francesco: ₤ 8.80
Markaloo: ₤ 8.22
Matthew Carey: ₤ 5.
Hrvy: ₤ 5.
LouSwan _: ₤ 1.77
DamienvanGageldonk: ₤ 1.76
( These individuals help maintain the stream going).
* The contribution intent on screen gets reset each thirty day duration when i invest for the server[Next reset: 5/4/18]

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Bot Commands:.
! statistics – See your Statistics (Bux, Hrs + Rank).
! flipbux (overall) – Gamble with your Bux!
! bankheist (amount) – Gamble with your Bux!
! lead – See who has the most hours and buxs.
! discord – Discord welcome to our server.
! contribute – Contribute url to assist keep the stream alive.
! like – Like the existing tune.
! take pleasure in – Love the existing tune.
! music – Shows the contemporary tune actively playing.
! spotify – Url to our Electro Swing Spotify Playlist.
! sub – Register for the Main Channel.
! weather (website) – Gets the temperature level for the area you put.

Normal – 5 hours.
Successfully Recognized – 10 a number of hours.
Watcher – 20 hours.
Swinger – 30 a number of hours.
Certified Swinger – 40 hrs.
Swing Artist – 60 hrs.
24/ 7 Swinger – 80 a number of hours.

❔ Frequently Asked Question:.
Is this stream truly 24/ 7?
Definitely the stream is 24/ 7 unless there are technical difficulties or other concerns that occur.
Desire a music gotten or additional?
Make certain to email me at [email protected] and I will either get rid of or increase the music as eventually as achievable!
Can i utilize the stream in the certifications of my stream?
You can, however at your very own danger. I will not have the legal rights of the tunes that are carried out so im not liable exactly what takes place when you utilize them. On the other hand you cannot simply re-stream my stream.
The length of time has the stream been most likely for?
We started streaming on the 31 st August2017
The number of music remain in the playlist?
We presently have 200+ music.
Exactly what about copryight?
We have actually had problems with copyright and i remain in the procsess of calling the artists and labels, however this does show there are a minimal about of music.

⛔ You need to Understand: I do not have any legal rights to this tunes, all legal rights go to the particular artists.

Connect with me:.
Twitter –
Discord – Parcanss #0941
E-mail – [email protected]

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