Elgato Streaming Arrange. On this Elgato tutorial, I clearly present you the best settings for streaming to Youtube stay With the Elgato Recreation Seize software program (3.) making use of all of it truly is bells and whistles!

Some say the Elgato seize program is way too hefty! I say NOT undoubtedly! Maintain the elgato from slowing down your Private pc and Youtube stream.

This elgato tutorial operates with:
House home windows

We shield the perfect settings for streaming to youtube, and twitch together with tips on how to retain your processing capacity in check whereas offering the best Hd stream to youtube and twitch!

Xbox One
Ps 4 (PS4)
Ps Skilled


50 thoughts on “Elgato Streaming Setup: A Tutorial On The Ultimate Streaming Choices For Youtube and Twitch”

  1. i keep having this problem where My videos are showing my youtuube description and not the description that i have in elgato. Youtube is even changing my Title to the title in my youtube default… it's getting very annoying

  2. I’m running it at 3.50 when I stream Mario kart. Below it says 720 60 but the video is very pixelated where I’m moving the car and all you see is pixels help. I have a Asus laptop with i7 I’m streaming to twitch to

  3. This information is super useful. I'm testing recordings with Elgato on my Laptop, and I found that the video skips or drops quality by a second from time to time. I'll try what your suggesting here to see if I can finally have a good video without dropping quality.

  4. There is also a difference between Elgato HD60 and Elgato HD60S.

    Elgato HD60 compress the video itself, but that creates a few seconds delay which may not be wanted for streaming.
    With Elgato HD60 S the video is not compressed by the Elgato but by the PC. The benefit is that the video is instant.

  5. Excellent video bro!! i really appreciate the tips!! i have just one question, you disable the previon on the elgato software, but, do you have 2 monitors? because i'm pretending to use only my laptop monitor (and sorry for my bad english)

  6. The big problem I have is voice chat. I got the elgato chat link and that still didn’t fix my problem. I have to go into settings on my xbox to capture voice chat but when I do that my chat in my headset sounds like two people talking at the same time.

  7. I love the video, and it helped so much! But I couldn’t live stream and I know why.. I got a guidelines strike, so I sat through hours worth of videos like these for nothing lol

  8. I am losing my mind . I turn off my display screen I turned down to 720p and 30 . It is mbps is 2.25 but it still say can not render 30.

  9. you're forgetting one major thing ,,,,, the elgato records with its hardware but when it streams it uses your GPU,,,, so its pointless for streaming your own PC , cos u can just set obs to use gpu and not waste money LOL , unless u want to stream a console, or stream and record at the same time

  10. that moment when my cpu is fine, but the fastest internet around me cant handle online games at more than 3.0mps i can stream at 5.5mp on offline games and the quality is great but ill lag on online games, the only thing i could think off is using another internet connection for the gaming. but man thats expensive.

  11. I've been having pixilation on stream whenever theres movement involved. Haven't disabled flashback recording yet but I'll try next time. Not sure if it'll solve the problem or not. But if anyone has any tips, please reply? I don't know if it's my internet provider or my settings aren't correct. 🙁

  12. So i like to schedule events for live streaming but as soon as I select that event on my elgato it will just do the stream now option on youtube any ways and just fucks everything up and my stream will have some fucked up description or title. Does any one know how to fix this?

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