In this tutorial, i will provide you how to stream your media on your computer system through your Playstation 3, using House windows Media Gamer 12 as an outcome of Wi-Fi. This will make it possible for you to hear to your media on your WMP library wirelessly. Notification that Windows Media Individual 12 is just out there in House windows 7 so Windows 7 is likewise required for this to finish the job properly. If you would like to know how to do this on Windows Media Individual 11 on Vista, i suggest you lookup in other locations.



34 thoughts on “Empower Media Streaming On PlayStation 3 with House windows Media Gamer 12”

  1. Can anybody help me please? I can't get downloaded stuff to show on WMP via PS3….. Everything I download goes into my "downloads" folder and would also appear in WMP, and I could watch that stuff via WMP on my PS3. I then saved all my d/loads on external HDD and for various reasons, installed Windows 7 – a purchased, legal copy. (I had an copy before but was getting malware so did a re-install) The stuff I d/loaded before the install shows up on WMP, but anything since the instyall will not show up in WMP – everything goes into my d/load folder still (via "videos") – anybody help with this?

  2. in this video he has you leave it on "local networks". You should instead use the drop down menu to change it to "all networks" and then "allow" the "unknown device" (your ps3)

  3. Can't write: C:Program FilesPS3 Media ServerMediaInfo.dll

    Please help me.I was all ready instaled a PS 3 Media server and he worked perfectly,Byt last time i become this could you help me please.Could anybody solve my problem

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