1. Hello Sir I request you to make a video on image transmission setting of mavic pro
    please please please if you see it reply me that I am making video or not.If you are making video than please explain it and also tell that what is best setting

  2. I just completed my first YouTube live from my drone using a Phantom 4 pro. Question when ending the live do I have to hit share? I did not and I do not see the live on my channel. Does YouTube post on your channel much later or did I make a mistake. I am guessing I should of hit share before end. Feedback please

  3. Hey Dylan, i really get low fps when i livestream on youtube or instagram…even with an LTE+ network. Around 12fps seems to be normal for it -_- ? Any advice for settings 🙂 ?

  4. I was streaming 5 min on facebook today then i checked the data usage and i was kinda shocked 500 mb for 5 min streaming (we don't have unlimited data plan yet in our country xD)

  5. I have an issue, maybe you can help. My facebook page is linked to my personal facebook, and i can only go live to my personal facebook. I cannot choose to go live on my facebook page. Do you know if that IS possible or not?

  6. I appreciate the video, I am a new Mavic Pilot and was wondering how it was done. I have watched countless hours of Drone footage before I got it but as all pilots should know we have to refresh our memory. Great Vid and keep up the great work 👍

  7. Awesome tutorials! It makes me feel good buying my Mavic knowing that someone out there, a DJI customer not a sales rep, is doing these for us. These videos are very informative on a consumer level. Thank You!!!

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