1. I thought he might be saying he is a middleman for selling other people’s account, when they give him the details, he posts the ads but doesnt sell them. That might be why he is playing on his own account. He would probably play on the other accounts off stream and his account on stream. Eh just my thought.

  2. "I have not heard any positive reps" The second comment was literally a rep that said "I plus rep HE IS LEGIT" dude this war needs to stop. Both of you guys have done bad things in the past and will do in the future. You are using each other for views. Don't lie, you don't actually care about the scamming or the cheating, you care about the views and the content. I am not on either side. But I think this whole debate is just stupid.

  3. Dude he’s fucking 14 it’s legit time to stop ✋ okay your roasting a kid you must really need some content like common there’s better stuff. Maybe talk about zonix and if it’s a scam like a follow up video or something like that. You can probably find something to do a video about like the hcnations getting ddosed but dude just find something else

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