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  1. Hey, when i go live with facebook using Rode SC 4, output is clear but bass frequency is lacking. Could u pls tell me why? (I'm using Android)

  2. Hi. bek video. unfortunately being Italian I don't understand the passages well. I would like to do direct on facebook by connecting my mobile phone android to my mixer beringher 1204 usb fx. kindly write me the cables you need, if there are adapters and how to make the connections. I would be grateful

  3. Hi mate wondered if you can help. As you can imagine everyone is going live now days and for that reason the ride SC4 are sold out everywhere. My question is can I use the SC3 to do the same thing or if not then since this video is there another cable/adaptor that does the same thing that you know about?

  4. Great vid! I picked up all the recommended products (TRS-TRRS, 3.5mm to 2-male RCA) but still the iPhone records with the built-in mic. I use a Pioneer DJM 600. I tried running the lines from Master out, booth monitor and REC out. What am I missing?

  5. I am looking to connect my DJM-900 nexus to my android phone, so when I FB live cast, its using the audio from the mixer. What cable do I need and where do I plug it into the back of the mixer, the booth out is not an RCA output. I have an RCA cable to phone jack, but its still using ambient sound.

  6. Problem I’m having is I have iPhone 11 and need to use the little white jack adapter for headphones and am being told this is the reason mine isn’t working …!!!! πŸ™

    But then others tell me theirs works fine with this so I’m just confused!!!

    Have bought about 4 different leads and still no joy😑😑

  7. I'm just after setting upon my Traktor Kontrol S4 have all the correct cables and tried a test recording on facebook live to see how it would sound when played back but I'm still hearing bedroom noises, etc along with the music, I thought that's what all the extra cables I bought were for? Is there any settings need changed on the Traktor Pro 2 software/hardware ? Any help or tips much appreciated, thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  8. Hi there! Can you help me please? I have a sony cyber shot dsc hx300 camera, i have scarlet 2i2 interface also an scarlet studio microphone, a denon mxc 8000 and a laptop. How can i make an live stream? Tks a lot!

  9. Have you got any idea if this will work with the new iPhones that don’t have the headphone port? Wasn’t sure if you could put it into the headphone adapter that you get with the new iPhones?

  10. Hey! Can you tell me if this works with mixers that don't have booth outputs? I have a DJM 350, can I do this from my second Master-output? Because I can adjust my speakers to adjust what I hear and use the master volume to control how it sounds on my phone.

  11. thanks so much but I have tried Rode SC4 and also my yamaha OG03 trough my chromebook and so far the only good result in stereo was via my imac and with the yamahoOG03C plugged in, many thanks and carry on Cheers from France

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