Fb Reside is one specific of essentially the most extremely efficient strategies to hyperlink together with your viewers. In trendy tutorial perceive tips on how to share the web site hyperlink to your Fb Reside on all of your platforms, which embody e-newsletter!

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21 thoughts on “Find out how to share a Fb Reside backlink outdoors of Fb”

  1. Helpful!! Mark, could you tell me how can I share a link of a scheduled facebook Live? Actually I only know how to do it when the live starts. I'd like to send to my audience before. Do we have this option? Thanks!!

  2. Yeah, but the LINK only works if the person clicking on it has a Facebook account. I’d like to know how to share the root of the video to other people, where it originated from before it entered Facebook. Especially when I see food recipes on Facebook.

  3. If you post to a newsletter or something outside of FB, Do the viewers have to have a FB account?. I have sent things to people outside of FB and they were not able to view because they do not have a FB? Is there a way to share it or give it its own link url outside of FB

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