This video has actually been finished by Evidence Srl ( in partnership with Advantech Italy.

It reveals a streaming software application used the following parts:.
– A streaming server using an Advantech MIO 5251 Atom x64 board with an Advantech Frame Grabber DVP7016
– A consumer gadget utilizing an Advantech RSB 4410 iMX6 Quad Core.

The program handling on the parts is an ingrained linux flavour with a customized GStreamer circulation (on the other hand with the default a single dispersed by Advantech). The setup does NOT utilize IEEE 1588/ PTP.

The system is robust to ethernet disconnection.

The setup is all set to utilize hardware velocity similarly on the Atom and on the iMX6, ensuring minimized CPU use and constrained bandwidth when encoding a Whole Hd online video in H.264

Video composed material.
00: 25 Description of the demonstration architecture.
01: 17 Boards and connections.
01: 36 Bit level and CPU usage for still frames.
01: 58 Streaming demonstration with 3 programs.
02: 17 Ethernet disconnecting have a look at.
02: 35 Contrast with special Advantech GStreamer.
03: 04 Bit cost and CPU use for live film and for nonetheless image.
03: 36 Conclusions.


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