How great deals of live streaming suppliers provide you with transparent info when it gets here to live video streaming?

Livebox answers the tough question

Enable us respond to the difficult concerns connected to Live online video streaming

Here are some difficult problems that no other live streaming business is clear about. Just Livebox can show you complete openness when it concerns live streaming sources on the CDN. Get a minute to see exactly what you will not listen to about anywhere else.

Exactly what is the functional bandwidth set aside for you to utilize?

The least pricey Livebox technique start with numerous Terabytes compared to other company used.

Will I remain in a position to speedtest and validate the designated web speed on the server at anytime?

With Livebox, obviously you can. Anything is definitely clear. Test and try pressing the restrictions on the server and understand for oneself.

Exactly what is the latency? Can I verify the latency on the server?

With Livebox, there are neighborhood tools in-designed on it to see the right latency, carry out mtr checks and verify the latency in between your server and any area.

Are the same set of servers shown several customers? So, are you staying provided with shared resources for the quantity I pay?

No, never when it gets here to Livebox. No other business ensures devoted possessions to you. When your use decreases, your approaches are used by other clients as when it comes to other providers. That is not the situation when it will pertain to Livebox. Your dedicated live streaming approaches are all yours to utilize for 24 × 7. We are the ONLY live streaming business who can guarantee you credible sources for 24 × 7 usage.

Will the range of concurrent consumers utilizing the method be made transparent to me?

The range of concurrent purchasers on the server is likewise typically used in easy take a look at on not simply an individual however numerous kinds of reports inside Livebox.

How numerous a number of hours can I transcode? Exist time limitations?

If the Livebox method you have actually chosen is able of transcoding, then your transcoding time is actually “limitless”. If you are staying provided concentrated possessions, you should not be limited by processing or transcoding a number of hours. Livebox supplies!

Will I be charged exorbitantly for help? Will I have a connection supervisor to obtain treatment of me when I remain in need of support?

With Livebox, you will have your own support supervisor and aid is out there 24 × 7 due to the fact that you are “extremely” valued as a purchaser. We benefit you, your small company and the romantic relationship. It matters a lot to us.

Will I get entry to routine function updates on a month to month structure on your live streaming system?

Definitely, no charge updates for life as comprehensive as you utilize Livebox on the cloud.

Concern don’t hesitate of charge to reasoning it out completely in advance of you choose on exactly what to utilize for your live streaming will require. We wish to offer you the precise guidance to choose the proper problem. We invite your concerns so that you can see the genuine reality transparently and choose Livebox as your concentrated live streaming station to keep without remorses. Register at and begin going through precise versatility when it will pertain to expert Live motion picture streaming.

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