Obtain it on Amazon – http://goo.gl/gbnyJg (affiliate link). See a a lot more basic technique listed below!https://www.youtube.com/view?v=EfbaJXvO6Gw

So great deals of of you questioned and now I can respond to: Naturally – the Hd Homerun Prime deals with Plex! It will work thanks to a Plex plugin called HDSurferWave that integrates a smaller sized python proxy server with VLC to let streaming live television to any gizmo that supports plex. It runs as a Slingbox option too, letting that live video to transfer over the Web to a gadget working the Plex application.

In addition to the live streaming abilities I likewise discovered it will deal with DVR recordings from my House windows Media Centre Computer system!

Connection to Plex plugin:http://goo.gl/stbl6I


19 thoughts on “Hd Homerun Secret and Plex Media Server – It carries out! – Live Streaming Slingbox Alternate”

  1. I am trying to run this on Windows Server 2012 R2. On startup I am noticing that it is failing when it tries to verify that XMLRPC server is running. Any thoughts on how i can get this up and working with the OS that I am using. Plex runs fine but I think it is related to the XMLRPC issue.

  2. Another great video.  Since you have all this running, a couple questions:  Have you tested plex with Chromcast?  In otherwords, load up what you want to watch on your phone, or ipad, then send it to your tv using Chromcast?  That's kind of my dream setup for getting live tv on our TV, and just wondering how it works with this plex plugin.  Also, in case you have the interest, I would love to see a video on setting up something like RemotePotato where you can view your guide remotely, and setup recordings, basically tell your dvr to record something while your not at your home. Great videos!

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