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47 thoughts on “Hermitcraft 6 (Preliminary Stream) Livestream 19/07/18”

  1. Hey X, great video. Here's an idea for season 6: farm and eat food in a similar way to yourself irl. You talk quite a bit about health and diet in your livestreams, maybe you could represent that in Hermitcraft. If nothing else, it would present an interesting challenge to avoid factory farmed meats and try to eat like a healthy person. Keep up the great work

  2. Xisuma are you saving up for a new cpu? Maybe you aren't, but doing so will help you cut down on render times for your videos! I think something like a Ryzen R7 2700X will be absolutely perfect ;D

  3. I loved S5! I am also enjoying the slower pace all the Hermits are taking in S6. Thank you again for putting your streams on YT, I'm not able to watch live. Congratulations on breaking your new season stream record. Yay, S6 hype!!!

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