These days, we enterprise again once more to Degree1Techs to response the question I’ve been given a number of situations – What number of cores or threads do you Undoubtedly Need for stay streaming or producing YouTube movies? Why would you do with Threadripper above Ryzen, or vice versa? What about Intel X299? Who wants threadripper across the 3950x? Wendell and I reply that query in-depth in present-day on-line video.


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“X299 is Ineffective! – Why An additional Refresh Is Utterly flawed” —

Now we cowl Threadripper vs Ryzen, Threadripper vs Intel X299, and AMD Ryzen vs Threadripper for sport streaming and knowledge technology in techniques like DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Skilled.

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35 thoughts on “How a lot of CORES do you Really Will want for Streaming & Content material Creation? Threadripper vs Ryzen In-Depth”

  1. I know this is a dumb question. I’m just wondering. So if you’re on a console and your really not interested in streaming on twitch or even making videos there’s no point in getting a processor?

  2. this filled in some gaps, doesn't exactly apply to me as yet, i really don't do as much in premiere as i used to since i'm mostly handling image sequences which i tend to like using after effects for rather than premiere and no editing as everything is done prior to the image sequence render. however i was surprised at how this felt like a parallel conversation to arnold vs. redshift, arnold can't do certain things in the gpu and has to use the cpu, i'm still surprised that to some degree there is a hybrid approach that works… sorta, but redshift keeps things contained to the gpu — meaning the cpu might not need to be so beefy. i haven't had the pleasure of working with redshift but i'd absolutely love to give it a whirl and see how a workflow using redshift would feel vs. my current workflow using arnold. unfortunately i wouldn't be thinking about any of this if our renderfarm wasn't broken and i still have so much to learn lol

  3. A question after 1 year. I have a Ryzen 7 2700, RTX 3060, ROG Crosshair Hero VII. I want to upgrade my CPU. Ryzen 9 3900x or Ryzen 5 5600x? Which is better for gaming but for streaming too? About single player and MMO games too in 1080p.

  4. EposVox Your videos are great. Question, I'm building a Dedicated PC for live stream encoding (X264). I am looking at the Ryzen 5 3600 and the 7 3700X. Is it worth spending the extra for the 3700X long term? Thank you

  5. I know this is pretty old now but can someone please help me D:
    If the 3900x is a good spot for streaming 1080p slow,
    then whats a good sweet spot (budget end) for streaming 900p (60fps) medium? (dedicated stream pc) <3

  6. lol. I stream everyday.. with i7 8700 on 4.3ghz and gtx asus rog strix 1080..32gb ram.. streaming is just smooth.. as long you dont share 4 times at a time.. max share will be only 3 pages group in facebook.. once you shared 6pages you can expirience lag due to internet.. but not on the cpu or gpu.. im using 1Gbps but still not enough

  7. In 2019 and 2020 the answer was and is 6 for "need" but 8 for what you should get. 12 if you're feeling frisky, as for video editing and rendering throwing more cores is useful to an extent, but if you're not making enough money to warrant the purchase then its not doing anything better than the 6 core for you.

  8. I just bought a 3950X and I stream and play in the same computer too but I have a 1070Ti until nvidia releases the 3080 series. Do you think I should set the streaming under Software x264 to let then the GPU centrates in the game? Cause I now actually have an i7-6700K + 1070Ti and while playing and streaming for example RE2 Remake the CPU usage hits 100% all the time and my audio has hicups… Thanks!

  9. Can you please explain to me the benefit of using Adobe Premiere over Davinci Resolve? For video editing? Is it an ecosystem that people invest in starting out? Take me for example, I haven't invested in either tech and have a RTX2080-Ti and plan to get the RTX3080-Ti on release. Wouldn't it make sense to just use Resolve? I'm not trolling, I really don't get the issue with using graphics over CPU or vice versa. Thanks in advance!!

  10. Besides the price advantage, what does the 2950X have that the 2970X and 2990WX do not? I'm wondering because I have heard about cases where the 3990X's performance isn't as great as that of the 3960X and 3970X (e.g. compiling Chromium with less than 64G of RAM).

  11. Sorry for the belated comment/inquiry; I was listening to this video and noticed an extremely low volume audio input of background music playing? Was that intentional? I haven't noticed it on any of your other content. I'm just curious.

  12. Davinci Resolve has a half step and quarter step proxy that is built into the program that will render proxy files useless. And you can also generate proxies ont he fly if you are using 4k and 8k video in Davinci.

  13. I dont speak english very good and I come from germany, but Your stream guide Videos with ryzen CPUs or difference between nvenc, nvenc New and x264 are so good that i subscribed and follow You from now on. You know What i mean 😀

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