Discover how to developed up 360 ° Live Streaming to YouTube with your ALLie Digital video camera.

View this video in VR headset and immerse yourself into 360 º whole world. With ALLie 360 video digicam you can see it ALL and never ever neglect a problem.

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17 thoughts on “How to: Establish 360 ° YouTube Live Streaming/ ALLie 360 VR video digital video camera”

  1. I bought an Allie Cam and Allie Go and it never worked well, I did not submit a site with the update of the problems, I found a website crashed and I'm now unsupported with 2 products that do not work, I want my money back.

  2. hi guys i have a question,,,, im a dj and i want to know if is a way to plug a sound cable to the 360 camera like,,,from my dj console to the 360 camera…….. i do it from my dj console…audio cable to my cel and go live with hd away to do itt on a 360 camera?

  3. If you are thinking about buying an Allie Camera product, think hard
    before purchasing it, there are other more interesting options in the
    market where the manufacturer proposes to respect your right as a
    I traveled to the USA and bought an AllieCamera, when I returned to
    Brazil, I went to test the equipment with enough anxiety because I had
    acquired a product that promised a lot, I researched a lot but I bet on
    Allie, well, on testing it nothing of what they promised Worked
    mainly live streaming, I contacted support and I was basically 1 year
    talking and doing tests with Allie (Antonio) technicians sent me new
    test apps, they accessed my system remotely and unfortunately they could
    not solve my problem, they did not change The equipment, they did not return my money and worse, they no longer respond to my emails when I asked for my money!
    I work for 20 years in the technology area and I know what I'm talking
    about when it comes to hardware and software, I'm not a mere user, as
    the support started to treat me
    Now I have the equipment stopped and trying to get my legal rights so that I
    can legally trigger them …. but it is not a simple process when it
    comes to an international purchase, I am here with a huge and very
    dissatisfied prejudice. Unfortunately I believed in a company that does not respect its consumers and now I have to expose myself in the social network to somebody can hear my frustation!

  4. You can use it 24 hours a day, 360 as a webcam on youtube, giving it a wi-fi connection and external power supply in remote location on top of a mountain?
    you can control it remotely on the same LAN as the wi-fi?
    Thank you

  5. Do I need an smartphone to live Stream?? Cn I usa a notebook with Wirecast or somethigng else to Live Stream and Record? I don´t want to be attached to a smartphone! Can I livestream to FB too?

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