How to setup streaming at maximum premium (StreamLabs OBS).

Down down below is an overall record of all my Tutorials for the best Standard to be a banner, seriously you might wish to have a look at it out. It includes a great deal of properties that can truthfully assist you.

Element 1 – Welcome to StreamLabs OBS for all your Live Streaming requirements! –

Element 2 – How to setup streaming at maximum high quality (StreamLabs OBS) –

Component 3 – How to Stream from Computer System at Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Mixer, etc (StreamLabs OBS) –

Part 4 – How to Establish Live Gameplay (Scenes, sources setups) StreamLabs OBS –

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13 thoughts on “How to establish streaming at greatest quality (StreamLabs OBS)”

  1. You really should be specifying whether your values are in megaBYTES or megaBITS. HUGE difference.

    Mbps = megabits per second
    MBps = megabytes per second
    8 megabits = 1 megabyte
    8Mbps = 1MBps (8Mb/s = 1MB/s)

  2. The fucking Megabyte shit is so fucking retarded I don't understand what you fucking mean because you stutter so much maybe edit it or retake those things? You're jumping everywhere and I can't unnderstand shit.

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