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  1. Hi

    The best option now is to create one for free, (YouPHPTube (https://www.youphptube.com/))
    It also provides an integrated Live Stream Server and Player.
    Not to mention the variety of plugins that further improve the service.
    Best of all is that it is opensource and uses an HTML5 player compatible with mobile devices

  2. I believe that this is working great but the info is very poor. It doesn't explain in detail how to make a streaming server. It's just telling what you may be needed en that's it. 🙁
    Maybe in part 2 of the video the explanation will me fruitful with video examples showing How to Make A Streaming Web Server.

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  4. I have a similar setup in terms of running an FTP server however I run mine from Windows 7 Pro in IIS the FTP services work fine and utilize the full bandwidth I have to the PC (100mbit) however I have noticed when trying to play a video or a song of the server it will download the whole thing and not stream it, this means blu-rays take ages to load as they are 6GB+ and 100mega bits LAN cant handle it fast enough. Upgrading the LAN to gigabit would help I know but is there any way I can get it to steam to a client instead of downloading the whole thing???

  5. hey i was wondering how did you setup the server in details
    im trying to setup my server to be a stream media server and 
    something like dropbox mapping a drive etc.

    heres my specs

    supermicro x7sb3e i think 

    core 2 quad 2.4ghz
    8gb ddr2 ram
    8.5TB HDD
    raid 5 array 

  6. +bassistmau  You can use a media server called subsonic. I use it on my android device to stream my music. Dsub is the actual app and subsonic is the server. It'll run on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

  7. Woah! nice work there, mate! 😉 Any recommendations you could give us on what streaming software we can get? Something that could compress high quality content without losing much quality

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