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video on Youtube that demonstrated how to setup OBS for League of Legends, if you like the video ensure you like and subscribe for a lot more!:D.

Know: you are going to desire League of Legends in Borderless for this established to obtain the task done, and in Windowed way for the text and graphic to plainly appear.

https://obsproject.com/ Open Broadcast Computer system software application.


37 thoughts on “How-to– Setup OBS for Streaming League of Legends”

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  2. Can someone help me I don't know where to go to ask this or get help from i'm just trying to make short clips of awesome moments or funny moments so when i film its great i start and finish no lag while filming but when i check out when its done recording its so slow and bad even though it looked good can anyone tell me why like if my Pc is to slow? https://youtu.be/GejZsxV1IU4

  3. don't know id you know what todo after such a long amount of time but when it shows your client on the screen of the current obs studio how do you format it so it just isnt a small rectangle off to the side

  4. Hey Thorcraft! Im having an issue with my league. I was setting up some OBS scenes for league. And now even with it closed, when i go into a game of league, there is a picture of me on the bottom left covering the whole champ picture and items. My webcam is unplugged. This happens with normal and private games. Any idea how to fix it?

  5. Whenever I start streaming on YouTube you can see the screen when your not in game but when I get in a game the screen goes black anyone know what to do?

  6. How come I see everywhere that it's recommended to put windowed borderless in-game when streaming LoL? I've tried googling it, but havent really found a good answer for it.

  7. What are the home and end keys? And do they do so it will automaticly turn to that scene when u get to that "Screen" like will it automaticly turn to Lol Game when u get in game?

  8. I did all the above and it works fine, but after like 15 minutes of playing normally, my fps (in game) just drops to 10 , and it stays like that until i stop recording , any ideas why?

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