Dave Taylor demonstrates part by part tips on learn how to join a Home windows Laptop to an Excessive definition television using an HDMI cable, then on learn how to configure Home windows so you’ll be able to take a look at absolutely anything you want to on the Television instantly. This can work particularly completely for Hulu, Netflix and equal streaming World huge internet film data.Subscribe now to Intel on YouTube: http://little bit.ly/1BZDtpf

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How you can Stream Video From Your Laptop computer to HDTV | Intel


36 thoughts on “How you can Stream Film From Your Pocket book to HDTV | Intel”

  1. I am new to HULU, signed up only to find out I cant view it on my TV as I have DISH and it is not supported, but I do have a lap top with a HDMI, so I can hook it up, log into HU:LU and I should be able to view it, is that correct? love the video. Bob

  2. When I do "extend" it doesn't work. Why doesn't "duplicate this screen" work? Also "Apply" is grayed out for me. Frustrating. Used to be able to easily do this on my old "smart tv".

  3. These are the days of windows TEN…. Can you do a tutorial on the same issue using 10? It's a bit more complex, I believe. Thanks.

  4. i got a logik full 1080p 32 inch tv plugged into a 750 ti 2gb and its blurry as hell i could not fix this problem, i plugged it in via vga and got a clear picture something is very wrong with that

  5. Hii, I tried to connect my laptop to my Sony LED TV through HDMI cable, but not getting connected. My query,is whether, any special HDMI cable does it require to do this function or what? And please help me for getting connected.

  6. Hi there πŸ™‚
    I'm planning to stream an online live stream show from my laptop on the tv however my laptop has a time restriction that cuts off before the end of the live stream that I can't override because I have forgotten the administrative password!
    If the computer locks me out, will the TV continue the stream or will the tv show a locked out screen as well?

  7. Thank you.. I just did it and it was worked..

    everyone is not computer savvy. So I appreciate things like this because they are easy to do and direct to the point. Hope you make more videos.

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