23 thoughts on “Issue Streaming to TwitchTV using the Hauppauge Hd PVR 2 with StreamEez software application”

  1. I wish I saw this before I bought this garbage, I honestly thought it was my internet. guess not. the only thing this is good for is screen recording.

  2. Im having the same fucking problem right now only now i tried to stream MEGAMAN FUCKING 9 and it has 8 mb graphics so the fucking pvr cant deal with it.
    And what it does is, that it is trying to record by repeating the same start video over and over again what the actual fuck is going on with this thing.
    And mine isnt green it goes to whatever the fuck it wants. i bought it 2 months ago and it kinda is destroyed what a piece of garbage

  3. I'm having the same problem now. I went from using EZ stream on the hauppauge software, to using OBS, then back to EZ stream because it's just more convenient for me to be able to stream through the happauge software because then I don't have to mess around with a dual monitor set up which is really taxing on my laptop when running a bunch of software at once. Except now the EZ stream function simply isn't working anymore and it's very irritating.ย 
    Looks like I'm gonna have to go back to using OBS again, ugh. The hauppauge HD PVR 2 is a great piece of hardware. It's just a shame it's proprietary software is so buggy and support for the device is extremely lackluster.ย 

  4. After much trails and tribulations I think I may have figured out the how to stream to twitch using Happauge Capture StreamEez (HCE). Here's what you do. 1) go here ย  http://www.hauppauge.com/capture/ ,download "Version 32022" and install it. 2) Right click on the HCE icon and click on "run asย administrator" (For a while if I had not done that the HCE would crash on me not giving a chance to do anything. 3) Go to the StreamEez tab in HCE, and the rest is history. Note that I had no trouble running at max video quality (6.00 Mbps) and had no choppy pixelated frame rate what's so ever on twitch.tvย 

  5. i have the same problem :/ and the only other software that picks up my pvr hd 2 is xsplit and thats a pain in the ass as its a hit and miss at getting it to run and it has a habbit of going out of sync at 360p and 30fps :/ does any one no any other software i can use ? iv tried obs, wirecast, ffsplit and non of them pick up the pvr hd 2ย 

  6. I've got the very same issue. It was fine with 1.4.x drivers and older Capture or StreamEz software. After all the updates this glitch manifests itself whenever I try to stream. I have the PVR2 GE+ edition, model 157220 Rev B2.

  7. I download this version 31351. and I'm still having the same problem. it sucks. BTW dude sometimes the new version works. but I ask myself. "why can't I record my streams?" Do you know how to record your twitch streams through steamEez?

  8. Glad to know that I am not the only person that isn't having this problem. The only difference is that when I go to my main page says I am offline too.

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