13 thoughts on “JMF Tutorial 03 – Streaming Applet”

  1. Hi, congrats for the video. I need to do a code to measure the bitrate, or even the traffic load of one specific multicast group in the network (mbit/s). Do you have some tutorial or some URL to refer? thanks a lot

  2. hi, i'm a student and i'm studyng computer science and could you give me your complete source code or some information to make an streaming audio with jmf?i maked a trasmitter and receiver with an input device but i don't know how i can make with a file on the pc. Please contact me on [email protected] . Thanks you very match and write me soon

  3. Hi,

    I wanna to develop an internet based Radio, in witch listener can listen to live content by JMF, I mean that I use a Streaming Server like WOWZA, Adobe Media Server, RED 5…) to stream live content, and a Java Applet in the client side ?


  4. If you want to send/ receve files you should use the FileOutputStream / FileInputStream calsses.

    If you want to stream media through JMF you have to transmit it from one PC and then open the rtp session from another PC. Remember to enter the same port number when streaming media.

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