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– 5 straightforward actions to live streaming.
– Finest strategies for live streaming.
– Risks to keep away from when live streaming.
– Omni-channel live streaming throughout any gadget.

– Chris Knowlton, Vice President and Streaming Field Evangelist, Wowza Media Systems.
– Jeroen Wijering, Creator and Chief Digital Designer, JW Individual.


3 thoughts on “JW Gamer and Wowza: 5 Actions to Live Streaming”

  1. Is there something, like some live stream server. For example. With OBS i contact to a local running media server. This media server gets my OBS feed, and pushes it to an local running web server. This stream can be embeded into any website you want.

    Noways there so much streaming sites like, hitbox, livestream, ustream and more. But none of those let you allow to stream 720p/1080p, add-free, pay-able, embedded stream possible, outside content. twitch and hitbox are for games, and livestream and ustream focos on commercial stuff. Man i miss so alot, where you can stream anything what you want add-free, in hd. After i went to, but they closed down embedding stream in your own website, so ppl who watch my stream on my website (which i want!), cant do that anymore. I heard they want to go Premiun with their site. Another good streaming which goes commecial. Do you guys have any alternatives which can work with OBS? Guess Wowzo doesnt work with OBS?

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