In this Kotlin android development tutorial we will be streaming a film with the MediaPlayer making use of a SurfaceView.
We will be utilizing the rtsp procedure for streaming. And will be having the width and peak percentages from the Video to utilize to the SurfaceView.

1 – VideoView
2 – MediaPlayer with SurfaceView
3 – Consisting Of MediaController to MediaPlayer
4 – ExoPlayer

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In this tutorial we will safeguard:.
* Include net and wake lock consents.
* Getting a design with SurfaceView, ProgressBar and Scrollable TextView.
* Environment up a listener for when the SurfaceView is used.
* Environment the Flooring to the MediaPlayer.
* Including audio assistance.
* Area the rtsp url to the MediaPlayer.
* Including a listener for when the buffering is detailed.
* Maintaining the playback positioning.
* Getting the video measurements and place them to the SurfaceView.
* Supporting action lifecycle states.

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