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This is a live stream of La Grange, Kentucky U.S.A., for people who get enjoyment from seeing trains. You are welcome to register for our loved ones inviting chat, however continue to keep in brain that there is a neighborhood with standards formerly developed. You must have a look at them out under.

North Camera: out?v=8OE1aS91yvQ

South Camera: out?v=8qRj7Hnz8UA

Audio feed for the CSX LCL Sub: Thank you, Ken!

A Substantial thanks to Andy Operate @ Laser Systems for web hosting these cameras. We would likewise like to thank the Town of La Grange for their help in this area, with an unique lots of thanks to Mayor Joe Davenport and Tom Haus. Visit their website:

Duplication or circulation of our motion pictures is strictly forbidden without having authorization.

CHAT Treatments:.

• Be respectful and considerate.
• Usage English, we require a singular language to be geared up to understand each private other. If you’re not proficient, ensure you utilize a translator these sort of as Google Translate:
• Do not post in ALL CAPS or utilize unusual emojis, letters or characters.
• Do not concentrate on politics, religious beliefs, race, sexual intercourse, violence, troubling specifics about inform or car mishaps, or almost anything like that. We have a look at to be conscious of any children who might be observing.
• Truly do not utilize the expressions “foamer” or “lathering” in your evaluations or your username. Several railfans reveal them negative and offending.
• The discussion right here is trains, and keep in mind to keep in mind that it requires to come preliminary. Off matter discussion such as tunes, sports, jokes, and so on is great, however it needs to be maintained in consistency with on topic.
• Keep in mind to hold conversations of personal troubles (medical, domestic, licensed, and so on.) out of the chat obtain it to messaging or e-mail. Keep in mind, you are sharing information with numerous folks, not simply those individuals particularly associated in the chat.
• Never ever consult to come to be a mediator. It’s achieved. If we’re amazed in your assistance, we will speak with you.
• Simply be great, it is remarkable what takes place when we’re all excellent to every other.


• Unsuitable usernames.
• Obscenity.
• Asking for memberships (subs).
• Staying intentionally disruptive, producing arguments or any other jerk-like routines.
• Not next the mediators’ standards.


The town of La Grange, Kentucky, in Japanese Kentucky, is positioned on the CSX LCL Neighborhood, at milepost 26.8. The LCL Sub is the previous Louisville & Nashville Railway (L&N) “Short Line”, in the beginning the Louisville, Cincinnati & Lexington Railway.

On the (default) north digicam can be seen the indication at the south close of La Grange siding, at milepost 27., and the siding is 8,330 feet in size (the north surface of the siding is at milepost 28.8).

In concerns to that indication and approaching northbound trains, if the practice is lined into the siding the indication with have a purple-about-lunar (white) element, and if it truly is lined through on the primary observe the signal with display screen both a green-more than-crimson or yellow (amber)- around-pink element.

The city gets 20-25+ CSX freight trains daily. It is a chosen serene zone, however the team can utilize the horns at their discretion. The speed limit for trains as they go into the road-functioning part is 10 miles for each hour (Miles Per Hour), up until ultimately the engines have actually cleared declared street-working, at which level they are enabled to raise their speed to 20 Miles Per Hour.

There is no Amtrak service provider noted here. The extremely last regularly arranged traveler train on this line was the L&N’s “Pan-American” in1971

There is an ATCS structure offered, however there is no server (info) security out there, as CSX has actually transitioned missing from radio code line (RCL) for change-and-signal control, to satellite for switch-and-signal, with mobile/telephony backups. RCL is vital for ATCS understanding accessibility.

There are 2 cams out there. The default electronic camera deals with north, and the other digicam deals with south. Desktop end users can utilize the luggage icon at the bottom of the film to toggle among the cameras. For other systems, you can get the South webcam in this post:

When’s the subsequent prepare? Yeah, we get this a lot. There is no regular for freight, however a few of our far more skilled members will provide real-time info and truths when it’s easily offered. Keep in mind to avoid asking.

Virtual Railfan at the minute has 33 cameras from 3 countries all over the world. Come by our website for subscriptions, far more definitely totally free cameras, and our own live chat. Thanks for coming by, we more than happy you are right here!
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Know a great area for an electronic camera? We ‘d delight in to hear! You must e mail us at gross [email protected] If you have any contacts in the area, ensure you permit us understand.


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