28 thoughts on “Live Film Streaming from an Apple iphone”

  1. Servers are the most obvious example of computers that don't need monitors.

    But even computers that do normally have monitors connected, are computers whether they do or not. Unplugging my monitors does not demote my computer to "a hard drive", as XXXxxxGAVESxxxXXX put it.

    I suppose the more practical answer to their assertion that "you need to connect a monitor to a mac mini" would have been "no less than most other computers".

  2. No, a Mac mini is a computer, WITH a hard drive and optical drive, and anything that one might care to plug into it—including a cam. Chris at least was using it to handle the video, and so may still.

  3. this is pretty cool- although the mic may need some tweaking as it sounds a little muffled. but yeah pretty cool… but wondering how long the bat would last. The thing is isnt this already available on smartpnones (i.e. symbian)?
    One more thing isnt it hard doing it with only one cam at the back as you cant realy see whats happening. But yeahh… overall this looks like a cool new app, i can see this becoming a new part of the whole lockergnome streaming thing.

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