21 thoughts on “Live.me … Live Streaming Application Concepts”

  1. This app is pretty awesome actually. I've met lots of nice people. Most of the gifting and coin drop things are outrages on there though, but I just try to ignore it. So do be careful, but other than that I absolutely love it. In my opinion one of the best live streaming apps out there in the market today. Btw please follow my favorite broadcaster on there called ShaneTV. He's a really funny guy. So if you guys start out freshly with this app then please hit him up with a follow. That's if you love lots of comedy and prank calls though, then yeah.

  2. I enjoy your videos R.J. You are a very cool guy! I got live.me because Roman Atwood started live streaming, and we broke it, LOL!!!! When they finally did get it fixed, it was great! I hope more people join and start broadcasting!

  3. Does anybody else who actual use this app find this app suspicious?

    All these little 10 year old kids (based on the one stream they have uploaded, which is only like 30 minutes long),can give away hundreds of dollars?

    I believe the people who made this app (not american based, from china), distributed some currency to people in the game in form of coins just so that they could form the next big app. This way, the famous viners/youtubers have a reason to stream because they make so much money while bringing all their followers to this app.

    What do you thinkers think? Please don't reply if you are 10 years old.

  4. Thank you CV TECH, or RJ 🙂 for your support! Live.me is dedicated to provide you the best live streaming service we possibly can. Download the app and start your own broadcasting now!

  5. RJ, did you notice that your voice wasn't balanced correctly with the video? It's not that much different from the Hydro Vibe, or the Hydro Icon/Hydro Life which are identical with very little differences? How do you like the new Google keyboard that Google has done? I got the update on my phone last week, & I absolutely love it, it was worth the upgrade for a cleaner & flatter look!

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